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2020 was rough. If you're in a stable financial situation, consider sending your $600 stimulus check to a neighbor or local organization who could use a little extra help.

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Make a neighbor's day

"She was out of work for two months and is working at half capacity under Covid restrictions."

B pledged $300 to her hairstylist in North Carolina

Help a community organization stay afloat

"Our community is best served when we band together and support each other. My family is weathering this well and want to support others."

A good samaritan pledged $1,000 to Lee's Summit in Missouri

Give to your local food bank

"Others need the assistance especially NOW!"

Jean pledged $1,200 to Maple Morgan Park Food Pantry in Illinois


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Hundreds of millions of Americans are getting $600 stimulus checks from the Federal Government

For some of us, that $600 will go towards groceries and rent...it’s “keep the lights on” money.

For others, 2020 had us working from home. We might need a haircut, but we’re not struggling to pay the bills.

If you're in that second boat, consider sending your check to someone you know whose life has been turned upside down by 2020.

Who should I donate to?

Have a friend who was laid off?
Help pay their rent or mortgage 🏠

Worried about your favorite local business? $600 goes a long way 💸

Don't know where to give? $600 = 600 meals through Feeding America 🧇

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Updated daily

Anonymous pledged $1200 to American Indian Tribal Organization, LLC.

Richelle pledged $25 to GW WYSE

Dayna pledged $100 to Streets Are For Everyone

Lindsay pledged $100 to Hospital bills for an unemployed family friend

Denny pledged $100 to Dramatic Results

Anonymous pledged $25 to Crossroads Figure Skating Club, Havertown PA

Anonymous pledged $1000 to Foster mom who got laid off

Katie pledged $1,000.00 to Directly to the families served by the Homeless Children's Playtime Project in Washington D.C.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much is my 2021 stimulus check?
Up to $600 per person. Here's a calculator.
When will my stimulus check arrive?
The second round of stimulus checks started landing in bank accounts the first week of January. Everyone who qualifies for a check should receive theirs by Jan 30th (IRS).
What if I'm not getting a stimulus check?
You still know people who were hit hard by 2020. If you're in a stable spot, consider pledging. Who could you help?
Who is Pledge My Check?
PledgeMyCheck.org is a volunteer led project encouraging those who are in a stable spot to help their neighbors.

Meet the Volunteers
Do you need my credit card?
Nope. Donate directly to a cause, organization, or person that you care about and trust.
Why do you need my email?
This only works if people follow through! We will send you a note to ask if you have completed your pledge in a week or so. You can opt-out or request we delete your data at anytime.
Questions, ideas, want to help?
We'd love your feedback and ideas! Say hello at pledgemycheck@gmail.com