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$215,980 pledged from 316 people across 32 states

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Anonymous pledged $50 to Safe Haven for Cats in Raleigh, NC

Patricia pledged $500 to

Jenny pledged $1200 to Make and donate 1000 cloth masks to NC healthcare, EMS, police, fire safety, sheriffs, front line workers

Anonymous pledged $100 to El Centro Hispano

Ben pledged $800 to Nourish NC

Anonymous pledged $200 to T.A.R.A. Tilted Acres Rescue and Adoption Inc, Raeford NC

Anonymous pledged $600 to To pay a clients rent and security deposit on a new apartment.

Lauren pledged $1000 to manna food bank and

Meredith pledged $100 to A friend's daughter who's husband has Lyme disease. They were struggling before COVID 19.

Katie pledged $500 to To help Global Orphan Prevention pay salaries this month so they can continue supporting the community.

Katie pledged $50 to To help my little brother by groceries

Katie pledged $100 to Global Orphan Prevention

Anonymous pledged $1200 to To cover funeral expenses for a nursing home patient

michael pledged $25 to neighbors affected by COVID-19

Seth pledged $100 to Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC

Jessy pledged $25 to Gigi

Jessy pledged $50 to Gigi

Anonymous pledged $250 to Reality Center

Anonymous pledged $1000 to Western Wake Crisis Ministry

Kerry pledged $1000 to St. Jude, ASPCA, Pathways Community Church each

Anonymous pledged $500 to Neighbor in need

Shanin pledged $600 to Idaho Foodbank

Anonymous pledged $1200 to Food Pantries in AZ and MN

Erin pledged $1200 to I pledge to make monthly gifts to various charities, local businesses and community members

Lili pledged $300 to Donations to food banks; local individuals in need of food and basic needs.

Glenn pledged $100 to DPS Foundation's Durham FEAST program

Lili pledged $100 to Pranic Healing

Anonymous pledged $2500 to Private school supporting at risk teens

Anonymous pledged $500 to Boston shelters & food banks

Anonymous pledged $1000 to Garden Center - Local Family Owned Restaurant Struggling to Stay Open

Anonymous pledged $1200 to Queer and Trans people of color, Undocumented families, Women's shelter

Emma pledged $1200 to Pgh Organizations: 1 Hood Media, Hello Neighbor, Pgh Virtual Tip Jar, Homeless Children's Education Fund, SisTers, and gift cards/purchases from local businesses

Anonymous pledged $1200 to neighbors affected by COVID-19

Anonymous pledged $1200 to Gig worker who can't work anymore.

Shanin pledged $600 to Metro Meals on Wheels

Anonymous pledged $1200 to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

Linda pledged $200 to Kristen Seawell - Robbins NC spay/neuter and pet food bank

Linda pledged $250 to Know Your Rights Camp - Covid 19 Relief

Anonymous pledged $600 to Local Artist, service worker & small business emergency funds, food security fund

Anonymous pledged $100 to GiveDirectly

Andy pledged $500 to Greater Boston Food Bank

Anonymous pledged $500 to Three local restaurants (Bella Lena, Asian Bistro 211, Colandrea), Meals On Wheels

Liz pledged $400 to Local Businesses on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Trena pledged $500 to Multiple food banks, Project Angel Heart, One Fair Wage Fund, Domestic Workers Alliance, Feeding CO Heroes

Anonymous pledged $1200 to The Quilt Loft, a local fabric store, so they can remain a viable business in our town.

Erin pledged $500 to GiveDirectly - thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous pledged $1000 to family with no income, Hoquiam Food Bank, Waiters at 8th St. Ale House

LeAnn pledged $100 to My housekeeper

JASON pledged $2000 to Dorcas Ministries

Calvin pledged $200 to Union Station Homeless Services

Anonymous pledged $100 to FeedAmerica

Rebecca pledged $1000 to Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC, local businesses, and N.C. Artist Relief Fund

Anonymous pledged $500 to The Safe Place (Women's Shelter)

Sandra pledged $1700 to A family in need of a new place to live

Anonymous pledged $300 to Grocery costs for others

Anonymous pledged $500 to Food banks and non-profits in NM & HI

Anonymous pledged $500 to Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

Anonymous pledged $250 to Gleaners food bank and Food Gatherers

Tom pledged $1 to neighbors affected by COVID-19

Janie pledged $675 to Wesley Community Center Food Bank

Anonymous pledged $25 to neighbors affected by COVID-19

Anonymous pledged $300 to Food Bank of East Alabama

Mackenzie pledged $1200 to Family in need pay their mortgage and buy groceries.

Bobbi Fletcher pledged $1200 to Harvest Food Bank Columbia SC

Anonymous pledged $1200 to Hospitality House

Anonymous pledged $4000 to World Vision

Anonymous pledged $500 to Meals on Wheels

Anonymous pledged $500 to Oregon Food Bank

Kirsten pledged $500 to Franco’s Italian Restaurant in Cypress CA

Tracy pledged $1000 to $500 to grow haus and $500 to East colfax neighborhood organization

ALBERT pledged $50 to neighbors affected by COVID-19

Anonymous pledged $250 to Our local senior center

Sandy pledged $300 to Contra Costa County food bank

Jwalin pledged $50 to neighbors affected by COVID-19

Anonymous pledged $300 to United Way

Kaia pledged $1200 to Native Movement and the Alaska Center

Kate pledged $2400 to Scholarship fund for students in need

Matthew pledged $1200 to Islamic Relief USA

Linda pledged $200 to Sandhills Pride - Pinehurst NC

Anonymous pledged $800 to Feeding America, Project 100

Anonymous pledged $500 to Navajo Nation and our local college

Genevieve pledged $1200 to Various food banks and Mutual Aid locations

David pledged $500 to Wesley Long Cancer Center Volunteers

Trevor pledged $25 to Ronald McDonald houseb

Sarah pledged $250 to Preemptive love, feeding america

Anonymous pledged $600 to Benevolence fund at The District Church in Washington DC

Anonymous pledged $500 to Preble Street

Kate pledged $100 to Artists in need

Alex pledged $500 to Wake County Boys & Girls Club

Diane pledged $1200 to Food bank, Homeless Healthcare, Domestic Workers, 1 fair wage tipped and service workers, community farm food programs, town food pantries

Rachel pledged $100 to Someone in need!

Jackie pledged $250 to Clark County Food Bank, Vancouver, WA

Anonymous pledged $250 to Clark County Food Bank

Anonymous pledged $1000 to World Food Program ($500) and Doctors Without Borders ($500)

Josh pledged $50 to My local barber who has no income for 2 mo ths now.

Rachel pledged $2700 to Sending the cash directly to two undocumented immigrant families in my network who will not otherwise receive a penny of state or federal help.

Alex pledged $1200 to Nonprofits and individuals needing help

Anonymous pledged $1200 to Local first responders, service providers and farmers

Laura pledged $100 to Interfaith Ministries & Food bank

Jessica pledged $500 to A Place at the Table, Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina

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