Want to help fight COVID-19 but don't know how?

If you are in a stable financial position, consider pledging part of your $1,200 stimulus check (or paycheck) to SOAR Outreach. Every little bit helps.

$15,980 pledged from 36 people across 10 states

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Bethany pledged $300 to My hairstylist ~

Anonymous pledged $500 to Catholic Relief Services

Anonymous pledged $1200 to Compassion International, Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, BlackTableArts, MOODI

Amy and Emma pledged $100 to Roanoke Childrens Theatre

Anonymous pledged $100 to Feeding America

Christina pledged $100 to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh

Anonymous pledged $400 to Santi Hope Foundation, STL Quarantine Support

Anonymous pledged $100 to GiveDirectly

Tessa pledged $1200 to GiveDirectly, Casa de Salud, The Theater Offensive, Voix Noire, Immigration Counseling Service (ICS), Outside In, Sisters of the Road, BEAM, The Black Collective, Disability Justice Culture Club, Restaurant Workers, the Emergent Fund

Anonymous pledged $1200 to Compassion International, Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, BlackTableArts, MOODI

Anonymous pledged $1200 to The Chelsea Collaborative

Anonymous pledged $100 to Western Wake Crisis Ministry

Help someone you know whose life has been turned upside down by COVID

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much is my stimulus check?
Up to $1,200 with an additional $500 per qualifying dependent. Here's a calculator.
What if I'm not getting a stimulus check?
If you're in a stable spot, consider pledging part of your next paycheck to a neighbor or local cause on the front lines of COVID-19.
Who is Pledge My Check?
PledgeMyCheck.org is a volunteer led project encouraging those with extra money to help their neighbors during this once in a generation pandemic.

Meet the Volunteers
Do you need my credit card?
No credit cards. Donate directly to a cause, organization, or person that you care about.
Why do you need my email?
This only works if people follow through! We will send you a note to ask if you have completed your pledge in a week or so. You can opt-out or request we delete your data at anytime.
Questions, ideas, want to help?
We'd love your feedback and ideas! Say hello at pledgemycheck@gmail.com