Don't know who to support?

Provide Meals to Kids

With schools closed, kids are cut off a source of healthy, free meals. Feeding America helps get food to kids and has a running list of food banks across the country so you can donate close to home.

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Give Directly to People in Need

If no neighbors come to mind that you could help, try GiveDirectly. For over a decade, GiveDirectly has sent money directly to people most in need. You can also donate to city-specific funds if you’d like to give to a particular geographic region.

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Help Kids Learn at Home

Teachers need your help now to get the books, food, basic supplies, and materials they need to keep kids learning at home. Give to teachers down the street through

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Create your own Cause Page

Our team of volunteers is making branded pledge pages for organizations affected by or fighting COVID-19. First come first serve.

See an example here

Help someone you know whose life has been turned upside down by COVID

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